How To

Apply for Apprenticeship

Applying takes 30 mins.

Here is our application process.

Applicant submits an application along with a processing fee, your valid driver’s license and grade transcripts.

Transcripts must show you took one full year of high school algebra (or higher math maintaining a “C” average and a graduation date).

If no graduation date is listed on transcripts, you must also include a copy of your diploma.

We will schedule you for an Aptitude Test - we schedule tests at this time once per quarter.

You receive a letter with the date and time of the test as well as a study guide which has sample questions.

If you receive a qualifying score on the aptitude test, you will move on to the interview process – we interview 3 times per year.

How you score on the interview determines where you are placed on our eligibility list.

This entire process can take a few months

so please have patience.

We hire from the eligibility list as jobs become available. ONLY after you are hired is when schooling begins.

If an applicant is hired, they attend class 1 day a week, every other week.

An apprentice pays for course fees which consist of books and online classes, that fee averages $400-800, depending on which year they are in and due the first day of each school year.

You will be redirected to our partner organization to begin your application.