LED Retrofits: 6 Key Benefits For Businesses

LED retrofits are the latest trends in both commercial lighting solutions today. If you are thinking about retrofitting your current property with LED lighting for your upcoming facility but remain unsure about it, you have come to the right place. This article will tackle LED retrofits and their benefits. We will also look at the […]

Diversity and Inclusion: How Power Partner MN Empowers Women and Minorities To Join the Trades

A common sight in any construction or skilled trades is the predominantly white male staff working on site. Despite that, more companies are now heading towards diversity and inclusion in their labor force. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 87.85% of electricians are white, while women and other races constitute the remaining more […]

How To Check if Your Electrical Contractor Is Licensed and Insured

Hiring an unlicensed electrical contractor can be tempting, especially if you’re on a tight budget. However, the risks of doing so usually outweigh the marginal benefits. You put yourself at serious risk for injury, catastrophic property damages, and even death in some cases. Hiring an unlicensed contractor does not guarantee sufficient knowledge and proper training […]

March is Ladder Safety Month

Did you know March is National Ladder Safety Month? Celebrated from February 22nd up to March 31st, the National Ladder Safety Month is a movement dedicated to ladders’ safe use at work and home. The celebration seeks to raise awareness regarding the safe and proper use of ladders to decrease ladder-related injuries and fatalities. The […]

Contractor Safety: Benefits of Safety and EMR

Workplace safety is not just about employees. If you want to instill a culture of safety in your workplace, that should involve contractors. This article will look into contractor safety and the benefits of EMR. What Is Contractor Safety? As the name suggests, contractor safety is all about ensuring that contractors stay safe in the […]

Southwest Light Rail Electrical Construction by Egan Company

A commercial contractor with a wide range of capabilities in systems integration, mechanical, and construction works, Egan Company is also involved in electrical projects. The Southwest Light Rail construction is one of the projects where Egan Company provides electrical construction servicing. Project Details Covering 14.5 miles of railworks, the Southwest Light Rail, otherwise known as […]