Celebrating the Eighth Annual National Apprenticeship Week

Apprenticeship programs are vital to the labor and business community. It’s a win-win situation for apprentices looking to train and the companies that are finding staff to work and train under them. This is why from November 14-20, 2022, National Apprenticeship Week is happening to promote apprenticeship and its significance in the sector.

It was on November 10, 2022, that the President proclaimed the National Apprenticeship Week as a way for apprentices, workers, companies, the labor sector, and involved organizations to foster discussion about apprenticeships. Now on its eighth annual celebration, around 1,000 events and activities are happening around the country.

Students, workers, and companies will have an avenue to share stories about how apprenticeships helped fill up the needs in the sector. For students, apprenticeship has been a way for them to apply what they’ve learned in theory in the classroom. It becomes their training ground to advance in their careers, especially in the trades where skills are a must. Plus, they also benefit from the “earn while you learn” model that apprenticeship offers. Students are paid in exchange for the supervised work that they do for a company.

Meanwhile, businesses can have additional labor to supplement their increasing manpower requirements. Apprentices typically work under the supervision of a more senior and experienced team leader, who will assess their job training and guide them in their job duties.

Apprenticeship Week Happening in Minnesota

The Department of Labor and Industry in Minnesota understands the significance of apprenticeship and how it impacts their labor and economic activities. Several activities are lined up as Minnesota joins in on the celebration of the eighth annual National Apprenticeship Week. Here are some of them:

November 14, 2022 – Youth Apprenticeship in Action

Various schools in Minnesota have a partnership with Youth Apprenticeship programs. The goal is to connect students to apprenticeship opportunities, which is what this webinar will be showcasing and discussing.

November 15, 2022 – Introduction to Apprenticeship

The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry has representatives from the Apprenticeship Minnesota to talk about developments in the apprenticeship model.

November 16, 2022 – Construct Tomorrow

This is a demonstration of what a typical apprentice-employer relationship looks like, particularly in the construction sector. With hands-on training, attendees in the event will have the chance to learn and get practical advice from experienced professionals.

November 17, 2022 – Women in Apprenticeships

Tradeswomen will have the spotlight in the Women in Apprenticeships Day happening on Nov. 17. From virtual trade demonstrations to apprenticeship experts sharing their stories, this event will focus on how women can join the trades.

These are some of the events and activities to look forward to as the apprenticeship community in Minnesota also joins in on the celebration of National Apprenticeship Week.

This annual event aims to promote discussions when it comes to an apprenticeship. It’s one way for career-seekers, students, and businesses to engage with one another. These activities can help develop ways how to improve the apprenticeship programs that students go through to learn skills.

By organizing the discussions, involved organizations and individuals have a platform to address how they can improve apprenticeship programs. They can discuss issues and work towards making apprenticeship programs beneficial for both parties involved.

Apprenticeship, especially in the trades, has been vital in providing much-needed training for future workers. As apprentices go through supervised work, they’re earning as well. This arrangement becomes vital in how apprentices learn the skills in their specific career choices: from electricians to technicians and many other positions.

This is why Power Partner MN has been providing apprenticeship programs in Minnesota, connecting students to contractors looking for apprentices.

If you want to join in on the celebration, the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry encourages the use of #ApprenticeshipWorks and #NAW2022 on social media.