Reduce Electricity Bills by Hiring an Energy-Efficient Electrician

The rising energy consumption cost has made consumers wonder how to make their electric bills go down. However, by working with an energy-efficient electrician, you can respond to the 1.3% electricity price increase forecasted between 2021 and 2022.

U.S. homes in 2019 spend an average of $115 per month on their electricity bill. Although, this has become much lower by 1.8% than the previous year as electrical consumers make their buildings more energy-efficient.

How Can an Electrician Make a Building More Energy Efficient?

An electrician knows best how to make your property consume less energy than needed. They can easily modify and customize your electrical systems to make them more energy-efficient and conserve power.

Why is there a need for buildings to be energy-efficient, particularly for residential properties? U.S. homes are the largest consumers of electricity – they account for 38.9% of total U.S. electricity consumption, eating up the largest share than other sectors.

This is why homeowners are encouraged to go for energy-efficient alternatives. The U.S. Energy Information Administration cites that residential utilities have an average of 10,649 kWh consumption in a year or around 877 kWh per month.

While you can easily buy energy-saving devices, a skilled electrician can install them properly. Consider the safety of your property before deciding to do the installations by yourself. Electricians know their way around the wiring and electrical systems. They’ll build a plan on how you can conserve energy use in your home or building by installing energy-saving devices.

What Should an Energy-Efficient Electrician Be Able To Do

An energy-efficient electrician knows how to make your home or commercial building conserve energy. Preferably, the electrical contractor you choose to work with has to be capable of doing any of the following:

Skilled in renewable energy installations

Renewable energy installations provide your facility with a supplementary power source instead of solely relying on electric utilities. Unlike your monthly electricity bill, there are no recurring charges from the power you generate in renewable power sources. A renewable power source will typically cost only the device, installation, and maintenance.

The most common renewable energy source is photovoltaic solar installations. An electrician can easily install them at your property, in an area where there is direct sunlight. If you want to save on your energy costs, have an electrician install a renewable power source, such as solar panels. It’ll help you generate and store electricity so you can rely less on the main electric power line.

Recommends ENERGY STAR rated products

ENERGY STAR rating indicates how efficient an appliance or any electrical device is when using electricity. It’s a government-supported standard for various electrical products that consume less electricity. The U.S. Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency advocates the use of ENERGY STAR certified products.

Products with an ENERGY STAR label include a wide range of equipment such as refrigerators, water heaters, light bulbs, commercial dishwashers, computers, and many other types of electronics. An electrician may tell you whether your appliance has the ENERGY STAR rating or which one you should buy instead.

Suggests efficient electrical upgrades

One of the reasons for skyrocketing energy costs is your electrical systems – whether it’s the lighting or temperature control. An electrician can suggest how to optimize them to have a balanced load and reduced electrical consumption.

A few energy-saving devices they may install can be a programmable thermostat to adjust the room temperature depending on your preferred time or the climate outside. The electrician can also install LED lighting to replace your light bulbs with an efficient alternative. There are also smart power strips that prevent electronics on standby from consuming unnecessary electricity. An electrician can also help you operate your water heater efficiently. All these and more, an energy-efficient electrician is capable of integrating into your home.

Able to retrofit your property

Energy-efficient installations are easier in new construction. For existing properties, however, the electrician needs to adjust several components to upgrade the electrical systems. An energy-efficient electrician should be able to go through your wiring or alter the electrical structures of your home to make them more conducive to reduced energy consumption.

As well as conducting electrical work, the contractor should also be keen on protecting your property. They may use foot covering on their boots to protect your flooring, wear protective gear at all times, and take extra care in using equipment so it may not damage any areas of your home or building.

Installs emergency electrical power systems

Emergency electrical power systems are critical in case of a power outage. The electrician can install them for you to provide power at home while waiting for the line to get back. They can direct your devices to get their electricity from the backup power or your renewable energy equipment.

Electrical contractors can install an emergency power supply system to store power efficiently. Depending on your requirements, they will ensure that the system has enough electricity on standby and an automatic switch to the backup power.

What To Ask About Saving Energy From the Contractor

When it comes to energy-saving installations, the electrical contractor is the right expert to ask. They’re more knowledgeable about how to optimize your electrical consumption. Additionally, you’ll also be able to gauge more about their capabilities with these questions.

1. Can you audit the existing electrical systems and appliances?

Before the contractor proceeds to upgrade your electrical devices, they should do an audit first. They’ll check your existing electronics, power consumption, and the electrical systems of your property. Doing this helps you identify which device and inefficient wiring to replace. You’ll be able to agree with the contractor on which equipment to install for your property.

2. Does your service include inspection and maintenance?

After installing the energy-saving devices, the contractor may provide regular inspection, maintenance, and repairs. Ask what their service covers to maintain your energy-efficient electrical equipment. Regular maintenance ensures that your devices will not malfunction and continue their intended energy-saving purpose.

3. Will we get rebates and incentives?

State and local authorities provide either tax credits, rebates, or incentives for energy-efficient installations. These incentives are the government’s way of encouraging more consumers to switch to energy-efficient products and systems. Ask your electrician what’s the proper device you have to choose to qualify and how you can claim the incentives.

How To Find a Trustworthy Energy-Saving Contractor

As with any profession, contractors in the trades also have different skills, training, and work ethics. You have to find a skilled contractor for energy-saving electrical works reliable enough to work on your property.

With the skills mentioned above, you already have an idea of which energy-efficient electrician to choose. Additionally, the recommended questions will help you assess further what they can provide for your project. However, you may still need some form of assistance when hiring an energy-saving electrical contractor.

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