Women in Construction Week 2023

Women in Construction Week seeks to advance and promote having more women in the industry. It’s dedicated to breaking the barriers of women wanting to join the construction sector as their chosen career path.

Happening from March 5-11, 2023, this year’s theme is ‘Many Paths, One Mission’. The National Association of Women in Construction, or NAWIC, first started the celebration in 1998. NAWIC was established in 1953 to provide support for women and foster their goals in the industry. Today, the week-long event already has several chapters around the country. About 115 chapters in different areas in the U.S. organize events and promote Women in Construction Week.

As the demand for construction projects increases, there’s also a need to have an additional workforce. This includes recruiting women who are interested in building a career in construction. The construction workforce is heavily categorized as a job only for men. However, that is no longer the case nowadays.

More positions are available to women to do the same job as their male counterparts. Women are also capable and equally skilled when it comes to performing construction-related duties. They can be engineers, managers, technicians, and many other job positions that construction companies are seeking to fill-up.

This week-long celebration is also a way to discuss several issues related to women employed in construction. It is also during Women in Construction Week that important dialogues happen. Implementing a zero-tolerance sexual harassment policy and addressing the salary gap between men and women are among the conversations that Women in Construction Week open up.

Celebrating Women in Construction Week is a way to reduce the obstacles that hinder women from holding a job in the industry. Power Partner MN contractors, in itself, employ women and are actively recruiting more young women to become part of the trades. A successful career in the trades and construction is no longer limited to men. Women in Construction Week celebrates and amplifies the valuable efforts of women in the construction industry.